Topo Maps+ for Apple Watch

Go Deeper Into the Backcountry


Progress on Trail

Navigation isn't the only reason to use a map while hiking. Often you want to get an idea for how far you have traveled and how far you have left to go. Should we stop for lunch now or wait until we get to the lake? How much farther do we have left until we get to the top of this brutal up hill? Should we stop here for the night or push on to the next campsite? Using trail segments along with progress along a trail now lets you easily answer these questions without recording your hike. It is awesome (and a bit magical feeling) to have this information while hiking deep in the backcountry.

Track Recording

Start, stop, and view the stats for recording a track.

View Maps

View your offline maps and current location just by glancing down at your wrist. You no longer need to pull your iPhone out of your bag to check your position.

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