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NeoTreks Maps are a recreation-centric mapping product designed to replace paper hiking maps. NeoTreks Maps strive for a balance between the simplicity and familiarity of modern web maps, while retaining much of the complex data and information found on the trusted USGS Topographic map series. To create our maps, data from every national park, national forest, and BLM office in the country was conflated into a single homogeneous product. Many of the country's most popular state parks, local parks, and high-use recreation areas were also collected. The result is an unparalleled mapping product for recreation and rural use. We collected over 260,000 miles of trails as well as other pertinent outdoor data including 392 different land ownership classifications representing 3,017 land management agencies, over 1 million points of interest, as well as detailed hydrography, and terrain modeling. NeoTreks Maps are built by a team of avid outdoorsmen, hikers, cyclists, backpackers, and lovers of the great outdoors. Our maps are created with a unique collection of the nation's multi-use, equestrian, foot traffic, OHV, and snowmobile trails, with coverage in every state. Like having a trail map for the whole country, NeoTreks Maps ensure you never need to buy a paper map again. NeoTreks Land Cover map is a topographic map detailing land cover and vegetation.