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Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

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The red cliffs of the Green River's Flaming Gorge stretch from Wyoming's high deserts to the wooded slopes of Utah's Uinta Mountains. Expertly researched and created in partnership with local land management agencies, National Geographic's Trails Illustrated map of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area provides an unparalleled tool for exploring this magnificent region. Some of the key areas of interest featured on this map include Lucerne Valley; Firehole Canyon; Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area; Red Fleet and Steinaker state parks; and a portion of the Little Hole National Recreation Trail.

Designed with a wide range of visitors in mind, this map features detailed topography with contour lines, shaded relief and elevations; easy-to-read trails that are marked according to use; clearly defined, color-coded boundaries of state parks, wildlife areas, conservation areas, Indian reservations, and private land; and an accurate road network. If you're taking in the scenery by car, several scenic byways and backways are labeled including Flaming Gorge�Uintas, Flaming Gorge�Green River Basin, Sheep Creek Spirit Lake Loop, Sheep Creek Geologic Loop, and Browns Park. Some of the many recreation features noted include campgrounds, trailheads, interpretive trails, river access, boat launches, marinas, fishing access, and cross country ski areas.

Other features found on this map include: Ashley National Forest, Black Mountain, Blacks Fork, Flaming Gorge Dam, Flattop Mountain, Marsh Peak, Uinta Mountains.