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Old Faithful, Yellowstone [Map Pack Bundle]

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The Map Pack bundle of Old Faithful Day Hikes combined with the overview map of the entire Yellowstone National Park can't be missed. This Map Pack provides the perfect combination for anyone who plans to visit Yellowstone this season. The Yellowstone National Park map covers the entire national park, all 3,468 square miles of it. The map can be used for short day hikes around the park such as Yellowstone Falls or for longer multi day excursions.

The Old Faithful Day Hikes map provides a detailed view of the most famous geyser area in the world. The map features nine suggested day hikes with a brief description of each along with distance and difficulty. There is also information about the geology and history of America's first National Park.

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The Old Faithful, Yellowstone Map Pack includes:

  • Map 319 :: Old Faithful Day Hikes
  • Map 201 :: Yellowstone National Park