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Bulkley-Nechako Recreation Map (BC Rec Map Bundle)

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The Bulkley-Nechako region of British Columbia rolls with some of the most scenic landscapes in central BC. Backroad Mapbooks’ Bulkley~Nechako map covers the areas of Smithers and Vanderhoof. Smithers lies nestled in the Bulkley Valley, rippling with BC outdoor recreation opportunities marked and labelled across the map. Known for its world-class skiing and steelhead fishing, the forestry and mining town of Smithers also boasts prime spots for downhill mountain biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, ATVing, snowmobiling, and other backcountry adventures. East of Smithers, towards Prince George, the town of Vanderhoof boasts some of BC’s most abundant wildlife plus scores of recreation opportunities. Backroad Mapbooks’ Bulkley~Nechako map spans Smithers, Vanderhoof and the backcountry beyond. Designed to get you outside with confidence, this map lists the areas’ abundant BC recreation hot spots, from Agate Point Recreation Site to Woodcock Lake. The two maps (Smithers and Vanderhoof), boast highly detailed topographic shaded relief; boundaries delineating Wildlife Management Units, national and provincial parks, and more; an abundance of hiking trails crossing the lands beyond Smithers and Vanderhoof; plus a directory of service providers to get you to the most helpful outfitters and visitor centres in the Bulkley~Nechako region of BC. With Backroad Mapbooks’ Bulkley~Nechako map in your pocket, you’re all set for BC adventure.