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Prince George and Mackenzie Recreation Map (BC Rec Map Bundle)

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The north of BC vibrates with outdoor recreation hot spots teeming with life. Backroad Mapbooks’ Prince George and Mackenzie BC map covers the areas surrounding the city centres of Prince George and Mackenzie, which serve as a doorstep to northern BC’s great outdoors. The northern map encompasses the areas around Mackenzie, from McLeod Lake to the far stretches of the famed Williston Lake. Dubbed a “fisher’s paradise,” Mackenzie sits nestled in the wilderness with the abundant waters of Williston Lake feeding the land. The southern map spans the Prince George area from Hixon to Bear Lake. With four distinct seasons, trails weaving in every direction, and well-established amenities for camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, and more, the lands in and around Prince George epitomize the beauty of BC. Backroad Mapbooks’ Prince George and Mackenzie BC map is designed to get you outside with confidence. This map details the Mackenzie area on one side, and the Prince George region on the other, with unparalleled cartographic detail, a UTM and latitude/longitude grid, shaded relief, extensive road networks, and boundary indicators, including Wildlife Management Units – plus clearly marked and labelled hiking and biking trails, paddling routes, rec sites, fishing lakes, activity and geographic points-of-interest, and more. For the Prince George and Mackenzie outdoor enthusiast eager to explore all that this region of BC has to offer, Backroad Mapbooks’ Prince George and Mackenzie waterproof BC map is the go-to source.